Personal Portfolio

(Artwork List Below Images)

“Three Sides of a Line” Collaboration with Sonnenzimmer (Nadine Nakanishi and Nick Butcher)
Crops I Never Planted (Single Channel), 2019, Adobe Premiere Animation
Hometown, 2018- Video Installation, 2 Flatscreens

CLOSED CAPTION (Text and Audio), 2017

Video 1

Three Sides of a Line, 2021

Didactic Zoom Performance Collaboration with Sonnenzimmer

Images 1-3

Photo documentation of Unclaimed Field, 2019

Multichannel video and sound installation

Images 4-5

Photo documentation of Crops I Never Planted, 2018

Video and Sound Installation

Image 6

WIP, Gardens in the Desert

Single Channel Video

Images 5-7

Spaces In-Between

Video and sound installation in Onishi, Japan

Images 8-9


Projection on acrylic sheet and audio installation

Images 10-15

(Ongoing Project) Desert Poem Book

Accordion book-spread pages, Photoshop

Images 16-17

Stills from this is the way i would speak (if i could speak this way), 2018

Single channel video

Video 2

Crops I Never Planted (Single Channel Version)

Single channel video

Video 3

Hometown, 2018

Two Channel Video Installation, Flatscreens

Video 4

CLOSED CAPTION (Text and Audio)

Single channel video (part of installation)